is it really a priority for us to constantly and unceasingly force people who face huge amounts of challenges in their lives - both individual and systemic - who are just trying to get through every day and stay happy and healthy and ok to actively think about, talk about, and re-contend with every mistake that every actor or artist they like has ever made and everything that is wrong with every movie or show they enjoy when these are the things they turn to try to relax and be happy

literally what the fuck are we accomplishing here

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Keira Knightley photographed by Michael Friberg during the Sundance Film Festival 2014

But I’m not going to complain about Britain’s “lack of a service culture”—it’s one of the things I cherish about the place. I don’t think any nation should elevate service to the status of culture. At best, it’s a practicality, to be enacted politely and decently by both parties, but no one should be asked to pretend that the intimate satisfaction of her existence is servicing you, the “guest,” with a shrimp sandwich wrapped in plastic. If the choice is between the antic all-singing, all-dancing employees in New York’s Astor Place Pret-A-Manger and the stony-faced contempt of just about everybody behind a food counter in London (including all the Prets), I wholeheartedly opt for the latter. We are subject to enough delusions in this life without adding to them the belief that the girl with the name tag is secretly in love with us.

Zadie Smith could write herself out of a Chinese takeout box, and that’s exactly what she does in her essay on the differences between British and American takeout culture, “Take It Or Leave It," for The New Yorker. (via millionsmillions)

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